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The Last Call is not funded by any church or denomination, We are a self sustained family ministry

Some years back I was waking up every morning, trying to figure out new ways to generate more income to provide a better financial support for my family.

I was born in a Christian home and even though I was very much involved in church activities, my priorities were not about Jesus, although in my own definition I thought they were.

I decided to turned things around. Now I wake up every morning trying to figure out new ways to bring the good news of salvation and hope to those in need.

Nothing has change financially; we still have the same struggles but our priority as a family is no longer about us but about Him.

As a family we have been making the media ministries the center of our lives. Our desire, even with our

imperfections, is to bring a moment of hope to someone in need, for people need people but most importantly

People need the Lord.